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Five tips for saving in Car Insurance for Teen Drivers

The day has finally come. Your teen is about to get his or her driver’s license. This is a day of dread and a day of glee. You will no longer need to be the chauffeur for your child but your child is now going to get access to the family car or maybe a […]

Don’t Let Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage Put You at Financial Risk

Buying insurance is about avoiding risk. We all know we need health insurance to cover some of the cost of healthcare. Homeowners insurance or renters insurance assume the risk of loss in case your home is damaged or destroyed. But, have you really taken all aspects of your family and life into account. Here are […]

Are You Ready to File Your Taxes?

Tax season is here and the big questions is, “Will you be ready to file your taxes on or before April 15?” Here are some pointers to consider to help you get ready. First off, have you located all of your necessary paperwork such as W-2 forms, 1099’s Social Security information Receipts and last year’s […]

Planning for Summer Starts Now!

In some places the snow has reached record levels and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. In other places, the cold is hanging on and the rain is coming in waves. Yet, believe it or not, now is the time to make your summer camp plans for your kids, before all the programs fill up! What […]